Why Good Design Matters

When we think of marketing and advertising we may not automatically equate good design to proper branding. While most small business would agree that design is important, it may very well be the last item they budget for. However, statistics show that is a mistake. In fact, good design directly affects audience participation and engagement. Consider the following ways that prove why good design matters in your business.

It clearly communicates your brand.

Logos, color schemes, and designs can effectively communicate what your business does and offers. In a world where complexity is abundant, customers are looking for an easier and faster way to understand what a brand’s goal and purpose is. Good design effectively communicates these aspects of business through simplicity. Conversely, poor design work will also affect the customer’s perception of a business. Either way, brands communicate to their audience through design.

Because competition is at an all-time high.

Even the biggest brands in business must constantly adjust their design to better fit their vision for their business. With more competition than ever, small businesses too must use the highest quality design tools to effectively engage their audience. A good design helps brands stand out from their competition and makes them more memorable to their customers.

It shows brand versatility.

Brands must continually alter themselves to garner the attention of their audiences, and keep to it. For example, brands like Wal-Mart have reinvented their logo several times even going so far as to repaint old stores to match a new concept their design team came up with. Consumers want to know that a business can keep up with technology, and a good design showcases a brand’s ability to do this.

Whether you own a small business with your logo displayed on little more than business cards and a website, or have a medium sized brand that advertises wherever possible, good design matters to your bottom line.